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nexters-team is a full service marketing agency that like to stay on top of emerging marketing trends in order to share it with the world we offer a set of unique and revolutionary marketing solutions for business organization that is highly appealing to digitally dependent generations and still keeps the power of words

nexters-team vision


nexters team strategies and developments will be applied all over the region as the most distinctive and self fulfilling solutions for end users, also the most profitable for business organizations

nexters-team mission


nexters team is serving younger generations of end users, through providing business organizations with the latest display solutions employed in creative marketing vehicles that would capture the customers imagination, also grant the organizations social acceptance, and long term growth.

Creativity, innovation, but also knowledge and development

Not only creativity

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Ideas that lead to new actions

    Augmented Reality

    Augmented reality is a term for a live camera view of a physical real-world environment where computer generated content (such as digital objects, data or effects) seem to interact & relate to real world elements, nexters-team among the 1st in the MENA region to merge physical & digital worlds , our unique and revolutionary concepts has been invigorating since 2012


    stands for Radio Frequency IDenitification. An unorthodox means of communication that is unique , revolutionary, and inexpensive aims to enhance online engagement in real time. when You can instantly use a magnetic identification card that transfers the data through social media

  • interactive displays

    Interactive displays

    One major purpose of using interactive surface is high engagement and variety seeking through a hardware the promotes several navigational options and enrich the online presence for both organizations and customers. The Most important option in smart surfaces is nexters-team offers a low level (embedded) programming package to develop a navigational software that fits the clients brand strategies

  • Content Creation

    Content Creation

    translating marketing strategies into a social tone of voice starts by planning genuine content in forms of copywriting , photo-shooting, video-shooting, rich media content creation , inforgraphics presentations , blogs, press releases. Gamifications introduced in various and effective online media vehicles that include our publishing arms , Biggestconversation project (coming soon) . Contact us for more info.

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We have put together the best of our experience, the best of our talents and this is the result. Every time we make a plan we put in discussion to arrive at an excellent design.

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We could say to be young and dynamic, that you may be surprised with special effects, we prefer to achieve the result and let the numbers speak for us.








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